Anti-tobacco event

The establishment of theлRepublican Center for Olympic Training in Gymnastic Sports informs about the activities of the Republican anti-tobacco informational and educational campaign:
1. Placement on the stands of the institution, branches of sports, training halls and locker rooms, in the foyer and lobbies of thematic materials of anti-tobacco focus.
2. Conducted conversations with employees of the institution about the refusal
from smoking, including about holding a day without smoking on November 15
3. In the lunch break organized viewing videos
by topic.
4. November 15, 2018, national teams for sports, departments for sports held conversations with sportsmen-instructors, sportsmen-students on the prevention of cancer, negative attitudes to tobacco consumption, doping, including for athletes and coaches, being in competitions – delegation on trampoline
(St. Petersburg), delegation on sports gymnastics (Mogilev), delegation of bullet shooting (Brest),
5. An anonymous questioning was conducted at the gymnastics department of sports in relation to the problem among senior athletes-students.
6. 11/17/2018 at the aerobics sports department (dance hall
and sports aerobics of EI ˮBelarusian State University of Physical Education лек a lecture and presentation was held on the topic ˮPrevention of diseases caused by smoking
and exposure to tobacco smoke, leading to the occurrence of cancer. Formation of civil society support for measures aimed at protecting the population from the effects of tobacco consumption ‟.
7. On 17.11.2018, the acrobatics department of sports held an informing event on the subject of the action (the material was taken
from the website of the Ministry of Health, and also used material from the class hour of primary classes on the topic: акTabak. Passive smoking”
8. At the shooting department of a bullet on November 17, 2018, the instructor-instructor held talks on the topic “Smoking – battle!”, Including
at the place of the competition in Brest, coaches accompanying the competition.
9. At the archery department, the day of 11/15/2018 was declared a full day of non-smoking (coaching staff).