Three medals were won by Belarusian athletes at the World Cup in Japan on the trampoline in Japan

Just three medals – gold, silver and bronze – were won by Belarusians at the 7th stage of the World Cup in trampoline jumping in Japan. Asians were well prepared for the prestigious competitions: a modern arena, a large spectator interest and, most importantly, the selection of participants, comparable to the level of the world forum. Vladislav Goncharov, Dong Dong, Gao Lei, Rosanna McLennon – the star list can be listed for a long time. Our athletes once again proved that they are trendsetters in the trampoline.

In the absence of Anna Goncharova, in the women’s synchronous Belarus was represented by one pair: Angelina Hotyan and Valentina Bogomolova. In the selection they showed the third result, and in the final they did not leave any chance to the rivals. The gold result is 48.250 points. Oleg Ryabtsev and Vladislav Goncharov pleased in the men’s synchronized jumps. The second sum of points in the selection and silver in the decisive stage is 52,500. Only the Chinese Dong Dong and Tu Xiao (53.350) performed a little better.

In the most prestigious form of the program, individual jumps, Belarus in the final was represented by Vladislav Goncharov and Nikita Ilinykh. Our Olympic champion made a mistake and was injured on landing. We believe that it is not too serious. As a result, 43.680 points and this is the 5th place. And yet, without the Olympic award, we did not stay. Nikita Ilinov won bronze with a score of 58.650. The Chinese won here Gao Lei (61.365).

Before the competition the Belarusians conducted a training camp in Maebashi, an agreement on this was reached last year during the Minsk stage of the World Cup. Training, excursions, the opportunity to experience the climate and the change of time zones – all this will come in handy in the projection for the Olympics in Tokyo. Selection for games will be extremely tough, but we believe in our athletes and coaches.