Interview with Svyatoslav Dranitsky
(Sport gymnastics)

In the period from August 6 to August 12, 2018 in Glasgow (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) the European Championship was held which became a gold for us, the Belarusian hymn in Scotland sounded in honor of the winner of the competition in the base jump of Svyatoslav Dranitsky. We did not experience such emotions for a long time: the last time juniors from Belarus won at the European Championships in 2002, when Alexey Ignatovich won gold.
Svyatoslav Dranitsky kindly answered the questions of the press service of the BAG.
– Both I and my coach Vital Rybaltovsky are very satisfied with the result of the competition. Everything turned out as we wanted to – this is the most important thing. The title of champion of Europe is a great achievement: for me and for the country. We expected to reach the final. But the fact that it will be possible to show the best result in qualifying, and in the decisive round, of course, was a surprise. There were very serious opponents, above all, a Briton, a Swiss. But I was more fortunate.
– The success of the Belarusian gymnast became a revelation for the rivals?
– I performed at many international tournaments. I know all the competitors, they, accordingly, know my capabilities. In Glasgow, it turned out qualitatively to perform jumps and become the best.
– Who first congratulated you on the gold medal?
– On the dais we were with the coach, with him and shared the joy of victory. In the stands worried for me and the other guys. We have excellent relations in the team, all support each other. Immediately after the final, I called my parents, they very emotionally embraced my success.
– How will you evaluate the organization of the competition?
– I spoke at the European Championships in Switzerland. There was another situation, there was no such excitement. In Scotland, the level of organization was very high, there were no problems.
– In the Arena in Glasgow, there was very specific coverage, aimed exclusively at the projectile. It does not hurt?
“I’ve never performed in such a large room, in such an entourage.” When I saw the competitive conditions from the side, I experienced a certain excitement. But then we went out into the hall, began to train and quickly adapted to unusual lighting.
– Ahead of the adult World Cup in Doha. European gold is a good bid for getting into the national team …
– The World Cup will be a team championship. It is necessary to choose in the composition so as to score the maximum number of points. The decision, based on the readiness of the guys, will be taken by the head coach.