Belarus has gold at the World Trampoline Championships!

Belarus has gold at the World Trampoline Championships !!! The national anthem of our country sounded under the arches of the St. Petersburg sports and concert complex in honor of Vladislav Goncharov and Oleg Ryabtsev. Belarusians in brilliant style won the competition in synchronized jumping on a trampoline. Congratulations to the athletes and the entire coaching staff of the team, headed by Olga Vlasova. The guys did not disappoint. According to the results of the qualification, the Belarusians performed penultimate.

All participants showed a high level, not allowing gross errors. The Belarusians did not make them either, although, in one of the episodes, I confess, it became exciting … However, the experience and skill of our guys allowed us to get out of a difficult situation with dignity.

Score 52.510 – and Belarusians came out on top. Ahead was the performance of the main competitors, the winners of the qualifications of the Chinese Don Don and Tu Xiao. Titled Asians did not cope with the pressure. Already on the 4th element it became clear, Vlad and Oleg are world champions. The joy of the star support group and the athletes themselves, the public ovation – the Belarusian trampoline jumping school is again at the top.

Vladislav Goncharov and Oleg Ryabtsev confirmed the title of the strongest, a year ago the guys in Sofia were also in the first place. Already this season, they won the European Championship and won the overall World Cup standings. Bravo!!!